Terron Armstead Foundation

CUSD#187 is partnering with the Terron Armstead Center in their facilitation of two programs, the Armstead Center's flagship program the I'm A Business (IAB) program. This program will run for four weeks and is designed to educate and transform young adults into professionals, teaching critical life skills like a proper handshake and eye contact, reading financial statements, understanding credit and taxes, business planning, and public speaking. The second program is Team Armstead's Way (TAW) Summer Camp. This program will run for six weeks and perfectly balances work and play. TAW is designed to teach social and life skills, proper emotional expression, teamwork, and respect. In addition, this program aims to instill a positive mindset and builds confidence to prevent violence, bad decision making, and keep kids from feeling isolated. TAW provides academic support and tutoring as well as essential life skills.