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Mission Statement

Through the implementation of ACDC, Cahokia School District will facilitate a program designed to keep students connected to the school community and provide students with the support and skills needed to be successful in school and in life.


The Academic and Character Development Center (ACDC) is a program sponsored by Cahokia CUSD #187 and supported through community partnerships. The program is a "stay-in-school" program for students in grades 6-12. The program is designed to provide support to students suspended for three to ten days.  ACDC requires students to complete assigned coursework, participate in a community service project, and participate in group and individual counseling sessions. 

Participation in ACDC ensures that students stay actively engaged in the educational process and that students stay connected to their classroom teacher's expectations.  While students are participating at ACDC, they will not be considered absent from school.

Student experiences at  ACDC may also include counseling to address issues such as attendance, behavior, academics, and other areas identified as requiring support. The staff at ACDC will work with students' to set personal goals related to their social, emotional well-being, and academic performance. The ACDC staff, in collaboration with families, community agencies, businesses, social service agencies, and local law enforcement, assists students' in developing a plan to meet their established goals.

Parent Responsibilities:

1. Be present at the initial intake, which involves meeting at the site and signing participation forms.

2. Participate in the development of a return to school plan.

3. Discuss appropriate behavior/attitude with the student and encourage the successful completion of program requirements.

4. Understand that the student must complete classwork satisfactorily before returning to school.

5. Understand that all program components must be completed to receive credit for suspension completion.

 Student Responsibilities:

1. Understand that any misconduct, acts of violence, or criminal activity will result in further disciplinary action and prosecution.

2. Follow all rules of the ACDC Program and the School District.

3. Participate in all therapeutic and re-engagement activities.

4. Participate in the development of a return to school plan.

5. Complete all classwork satisfactorily.

6. Complete all program components.

Demario Bell, Principal


300 Annunciation Ct.
Cahokia, IL 62206