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Technology Staff
Contact Jen Barr  Jen Barr Director of Technology
Contact Rebecca Grippi  Rebecca Grippi Software Specialist
Contact Mark Gunter  Mark Gunter PC Support
Contact Josh Jackson  Josh Jackson Instructional Technologist
Contact Chris McCall  Chris McCall PC Support
Contact Cheryl Mobbs  Cheryl Mobbs Technology Secretary
Contact Bob Schmidt  Bob Schmidt PC Support
Contact Joe Simshauser  Joe Simshauser PC Support
Contact Rich Surber  Rich Surber Instructional Technologist
Contact Holly Turley  Holly Turley PC Support

Important Technology Information

  • All Cahokia District 187 staff must have signed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) on file in the administrator's office at each building.  Failure to do this is a violation of District 187 policy.  Please thoroughly read the AUP policy to avoid violation of the stipulations found there.

Computer Lab Use Rules

Users are NOT allowed to:

  1. Be in the computer lab without a teacher present.
  2. Go to chat rooms on the internet.
  3. Use any instant messaging software.
  4. Watch, listen to or print any song lyrics unless required as an educational assignment.
  5. Download and/or install any software.
  6. Go to any of the following Internet sites, or other Internet sites that have no educational value:
    • Porno sites
    • Sites with excessive violence
    • Game sites
  7. Have food or drink in the computer lab.
  8. Go to any proxy site to avoid the district filter.
  9. Write or scribble on any table or computer or vandalize the computer equipment in any way, shape or manner.

NOTE:  In addition, all users are bound by the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that they have signed.  Anyone who does not have a signed AUP on file is restricted from using any district computer.

Violators will have their computer privileges revoked!