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Return to In-Person Instruction
Posted 2/22/21


To All Students, Families, and Staff,


The 2020-2021 school year has been one of many unique challenges and opportunities. As we continue to embrace new information and guidelines, we are grateful to our Board of Education for their support in prioritizing student and staff safety, our families for the countless sacrifices to have your child(ren) learning remotely, and our staff for your openness and determination in delivering instruction in new ways.


As a local school district, we are required to comply with state and federal mandates. One of the most structured requirements is the federal mandate for each state to administer an annual assessment for designated grade levels. Any district that chooses to ignore those requirements, or fails to meet expectations, will be subject to significant consequences.



The Illinois State Board of Education has provided communication that if a federal assessment waiver is provided, ISBE will apply. An approved waiver would exempt school districts from this requirement and any related consequences.


The attached plan is our effort to comply with all federal, state, and local academic and safety requirements should a waiver not be made available or approved.


We all recognize, both as families and staff, that health concerns remain and are at the forefront of decisions. As a district, we too, have hesitation regarding this requirement both from an academic and health perspective. Remaining remote for the balance of the school year would allow more opportunities for vaccinations in an effort to significantly reduce the positivity rate on a consistent basis.


We remain optimistic that a waiver will be approved; however, we must plan for every scenario. This is a necessary decision, but not

an easy one.


Your understanding is appreciated and we hope to provide more solidified information as it becomes available.


Dr. Arnett Harvey