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2022 - 2023 registration

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2022 - 2023 Returning student registration opens April 19th. You may complete registration ONLINE VIA MOBILE PHONE, TABLET OR COMPUTER. Please follow the steps below to complete registration. Students who are currently excluded or do not have medical documentation for the incoming school year will be able to complete online registration, however, they will not be able to attend school until all medical documentation is received and approved by the school nurse. 


You must click Complete after every step for registration to be done.


1. Click Here to Log into Skyward with your Family Access Username and Password. If you need assistance with a username or password contact PreK-8 registrar at 618-332-4779, CHS registrar at 618-332-4706 or Technology at 618-332-5965. 

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2. Look for the Green box stating "Online Registration is now open until 06/06/22" and the blue link at the bottom stating "Go to Online Registration for" your student. Click this blue link to enter the registration process.


3. There are multiple steps to this years registration process. You will be required to complete all steps to have a complete registration and be ready to start school in. 

4. Step 1a. - Verify Student Information - Verify student information is correct including phone numbers. Change appropriate phone numbers and add dates for Military service if you are a member of the Military.

Click Skyward Viewwhen ready to move on to the next step - 1b.


5. Step 1b. Verify that the address is correct. You will be asked to upload two proofs of residency for this address later in the registration process. If the address needs changed, please change the address and upload proofs for the new address at the upload step.

Click Skyward Viewwhen ready to move on to the next step - 1c.


6. Step 1c. - Verify parent/guardian information and phone numbers.

Click Skyward Viewwhen ready to move on to the next step - 1d.


7. Verify or add Emergency Contacts.

Click Skyward Viewif you would like to add an Emergency Contact. Complete the information on the pop up screen.

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Click Skyward View when ready to move on to the next step - 1e.


8. Step 1e. - Enter an health concerns you think the school needs to know about you child.

Click Skyward View when ready to move on to the next step - 2.


9. Verify Ethnicity/Race - Click the continue button, answer Both Questions 1 and 2

Click Skyward View when ready to move on to the next step - 3.


10. Read the Home Language Survey and answer appropriate questions. Select no if you no other languages are spoken in your home and if your student does not speak any language fluently besides English.


Click Skyward Viewwhen ready to move on to the next step - 4.


11. Read and Agree to the AUP Policy so that student may use computers and technology in classrooms. Select I allow if you agree, I revoke if you do not. You must choose allow if students are to use technology throughout the year.

Click  Skyward Viewwhen ready to move on to the next step - 5.


11. Check mark authorization for handbook viewing online, field trip permission and medical care then verify your email address is correct. If it is not return to the Family Information Step and add your email address. All families need an email address on file to complete the registration process.

Click when ready to move on to the next step -6.


12. Upload two proofs of residency for your address. Proofs required must include Name or parent or legal guardian and must be current (within 60 days) Acceptable proofs of residency are:

•   Occupancy permit with the name of parent/legal guardian and child listed on permit

•   Mortgage papers

•   Lease agreement with last month’s rental receipt (Cahokia RV Parque residents must provide a letter from the manager with last month’s receipt of payment)

•   Current utility bill (water, electric, gas, telephone, sewer, trash)

•   Signed copy of parent’s/legal guardian’s Federal or Illinois tax return

•   Home/Rental insurance policy and receipt of payment

•   Current Social Security Administration Benefits statement

•   Current Illinois Department of Employment Security benefits statement

•   Vehicle registration card

•   Current bank statement (No checkbooks)

We do not accept ID or Driver's License for proof of residency - Skyward View


You may take pictures of your bills and upload them your phone or save the files to your computer and upload them.


If you have a Physical, Dental or Eye exam to submit, you may submit these here as well.


Click Skyward viewwhen ready to move on to the next step - 7.You will not be able to complete this step until two proofs of residency are uploaded.


13. When all  steps have a green checkmark, you are ready to submit.

14. Click Skyward View
 to submit Registration. You should receive an email to the email address you documented. You should also see a message stating that Online Registration was successfully completed. Your registration will be reviewed and you will be contacted via the email address or phone number included your registration if there are problems or concerns. School and teacher assignments will be distributed in early August.Skyward View

If you go back into family access you should also see a message like this that shows the student is complete.Skyward View

Returning Pre-K students will have additional steps. Registration will be reviewed by a staff member and is not complete until you receive a second email with confirmation that your registration is successful. Many parents will still need to come into the Board of Education to complete registration.