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21st Century

We are pleased to announce that Cahokia 187 will be applying for the 21st Century continuation grant for the 2020-20201 school year. 21st Century provides students additional academic and enrichment opportunities beyond the regular school day.

Student applications for 21st Century can be completed here. Additional program information will be shared once available.

We are pleased to announce that Cahokia 187 is now accepting staff applications for the 21st Century 2020-20201 school year. We are accepting applications for the following positions and sites:


  • 1 Site Coordinator at Lalumier
  • 1 Site Coordinator at Maplewood
  • 1 Site Coordinator at Huffman
  • 1 Site Coordinator at Penniman
  • 1 Site Coordinator at ESSOC
  • 1 Site Coordinator at Wirth Complex
  • 1 Site Coordinator at Elizabeth Morris
  • 1 Site Coordinator at Cahokia High School
  • 4 Teachers at Lalumier
  • 4 Teachers at Maplewood
  • 4 Teachers at Huffman
  • 4 Teachers at Penniman
  • 4 Teachers at ESSOC
  • 4 Teachers at Wirth Complex
  • 4 Teachers at Elizabeth Morris
  • 4 Teachers at Cahokia High School
  • 4 Paraprofessionals at Lalumier
  • 4 Paraprofessionals at Maplewood
  • 4 Paraprofessionals at Huffman 
  • 4 Paraprofessionals at Penniman 
  • 4 Paraprofessionals at ESSOC 
  • 4 Paraprofessionals at Wirth Complex
  • 4 Paraprofessionals at Elizabeth Morris
  • 4 Paraprofessionals at Cahokia High School

We look forward to meeting you!


Site Coordinator Application

Teacher Application

Paraprofessional Application

2019-2020 Site Coordinators, missing a few

2019-2020 Site Coordinators (SC) and Administrators: (Left to Right): Andrea Gilbert (High School SC), Tanya Mitchell (Program Director), Jennifer Defosset (EMorris SC), Darcel Smith (Maplewood SC), Stephanie Swanson (Program Manager), Sherry Gibson (Lalumier SC), Leslie Johnson (Wirth Complex SC) & Lisa Johnson (Huffman SC). (missing, Kimberley Story Penniman SC & Tiffany Teat ESSOC SC)

Student program and bus disciplinary letter

Dear Parents, guardians, and students,

This letter is to inform you of the bus and behavior protocol for the 21st Century CCLC Program throughout the program.  First, bus service is door to door.  Parents must be home to receive their child.  In the event of no one being home students will be brought to the Project Manager’s office.  Parents will only get three chances of not being home. 

  • 1st time – Warning letter will be sent home
  • 2nd time – Student will not be allowed to ride the bus until a meeting takes place with parent and Project Manager.
  • 3rd time – Student will lose their bus privileges.

We will also follow the above protocol in the event of inappropriate behaviors both on the bus and at school during the program.

  • 1st time – Warning letter will be sent home.
  • 2nd time – Student/Parent/Site Coordinator/Project Manager meeting must occur before student can return to program or ride the bus.
  • 3rd time – Student will lose their bus privileges and/or be removed from the program. 

We appreciate your understanding and assistance in making the 21st CCLC Program the BEST! 

Some things that we offer your scholar!

Cahokia Unit School District #187 21st Century After-School Program is a fun program that increases our students educational knowledge, help build social and emotional learning skills, creative skills through STEM projects, STEM related field trips,  homework help and more! We also provide students with a meal and snack!

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