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21st Century

NO 21st CCLC!!!Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Break! November 21-24 2022


5 tips to get the most out of your Thanksgiving Break


Dear Parents/Guardians,

In observance of the holiday, there is NO 21st Century for the entire week starting Monday, November 21 through Thursday November 24, 2022.   We will reconvene on Monday November 28, 2022.  Thank you so much and please enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!


Thank you

NO Program Thursday November 17, 2022 due to our family engagement event

Spero Family Services  Family Fun Night  - The Shoppers Weekly

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Due to our Program-Wide Family Engagement Event, there is NO 21st Century Thursday November 17, 2022.  

We hope to see you and your family at Maplewood Elementary, from 4:30pm-6:00pm

Thank you

Dunham Technique and Percussion Classes
2022-2023 Site Coordinators
Join Us At Our Program-Wide Family Event
Join Us At Our Program-Wide Family Event
Meet Our 2022-2023 21st CCLC ADMINISTRATOR & Staff
Meet Our 21st CCLC Staff
Meet Our 21st CCLC Staff

Pictured left to right 

Minnie Taylor, Implementation Specialist, 618-332-5663

Stephanie Swanson, Program Manager, 618-332-5661   

Taylor Helm, 21st CCLC Attendance & Retention Secretary, 618-332-5662

Dr. Denise Buettner, Program Coordinator, 618-332-5670 (Administrator)

Cahokia Library is having a spooky story contest!! See how your child can be a part of this SPOOKY event!
Cahokia Library

Meet our AMAZING 21st CCLC Site Coordinators:  Andrea Gilbert (Huffman), Candace Buckman (Penniman), Kimberly Combs (ESSC), Darcel Smith (Maplewood), Linda Sherrod (Lalumier), Jennifer Keller (EMorris), Arthur Garrett (CHS) and Jill Behan (Wirth-not pictured)

We are pleased to announce that we will be starting the program on September 12, 2022.  We are extremely excited to share the fun learning that we have in store for your children.  Please know that we are still accepting applications.  We hope to see your children in our program!

Student program disciplinary letter

Dear Parents, guardians, and students,

This letter is to inform you of the  behavior protocol for the 21st Century CCLC Program throughout the program.  

  • 1st time – Warning letter will be sent home.
  • 2nd time – Student/Parent/Site Coordinator/Project Manager meeting must occur before student can return to program or ride the bus.
  • 3rd time – Student will lose their bus privileges and/or be removed from the program. 

We appreciate your understanding and assistance in making the 21st CCLC Program the BEST!